Client Stories

Client Success Stories: Making a difference in our clients' lives

We love helping people, but no amount of money can compensate for serious personal injuries or the loss of a loved one. After this happens, healing must take place. Rose Law will be there to help you heal and rebuild. These are a few of our client’s success stories:

Vermont Car Accidents and Motorcycle Accidents

Vermont Wrongful Death Motorcycle Crash

A young widow lost her husband when a car turned in front of his motorcycle. We offered her personal and legal support and got her a significant wrongful death settlement. This financial security helped her to start to rebuild her life and allowed her to buy a home for her two small children.

Rear End Vermont Car Crash with Traumatic Brain Injury

A man was rear ended and suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. We realized his vision was injured due to the car crash. We connected him with an eye doctor and eye therapy that cured his double vision. We got him an excellent settlement which secured his financial future.

Vermont Car Crash where we saved the injured woman almost $25,000 in bill repayment.

A young woman was injured as a passenger in a car that lost control on a Vermont dirt road. We got her the highest settlement possible against the at fault driver’s insurance company. She had a huge amount of medical bills to repay from the crash.

We saved her almost $25,000.00 by negotiating and reducing the bills she owed to the hospital, medical insurance and automobile medical insurance from this crash. She saved this money and hopes to use it to buy a home.

Vermont Work Injuries & Workers' Compensation Injuries

Ten Times the Settlement Money which allowed Client to buy a Home

A man injured at work called Rose Law because his weekly paychecks (“temporary total disability benefits”) were cut off by the insurance company. He asked: “Is this fair?” No!

We got his weekly paychecks turned back on. We got the insurance company to pay for his medical treatment which reduced his elbow pain so he could use his arms again.

We then got him a financial settlement that was over 10 times the money he was offered before he hired Rose Law’s legal team. This allowed him to buy a home and work part-time.

Financial benefits when injured Vermont worker could not return to work.

A Jericho construction worker came to us for legal help after he was injured at work in Vermont. We found that he had also injured his left shoulder at work. We fought to get the insurance company to pay for the left shoulder injections, which significantly lowered his pain.

Due to his Vermont work injury, he could not return to work in construction. We got him a settlement that allowed him to retire with financial comfort.

Doubled a Vermont Injured Worker’s Weekly Check Amount and Doubled his Permanent Work Injury Money Benefits

A man injured in Vermont came to us because the insurance company stopped paying for his medical treatment and because his weekly wage checks (TTD benefits) were lower than he needed. We argued that the insurance company had miscalculated his weekly pay. We got his weekly checks doubled.

We also fought and proved that the insurance company was responsible for paying for his shoulder surgery. The surgery meant he could use his shoulder again. After he healed, we were able to get him more than double the permanent injury benefits that he could have gotten without our legal help. He planned to use this money to pay for his daughter’s college tuition.

Dramatically Reduced Client’s pain and got him a huge settlement because he cannot work due to his Vermont work injury.

A man from the Northeast Kingdom came to us because his weekly paychecks were cut off, and he was still in chronic pain. We got his weekly checks reinstated, so he did not lose his house. After talking to him, we figured out that part of his chronic pain was coming from his elbow, which had not been treated or helped. He ended up needing elbow surgery, which dramatically reduced his pain.

His injuries were significant, and he could not return to work driving trucks. We proved that he could not return to work and got him a big settlement which allowed him to retire.

Doubled permanent injury benefits monies and a large increase in weekly workers compensation checks

A woman injured at a school in Essex, Vermont came to us because the insurance company stopped her physical therapy treatment even though it was helping her. Rose Law convinced the insurance company to pay for her physical therapy, so she could continue to work towards improved range of motion and reduced pain. Rose Law determined she was owed thousands of dollars in mileage reimbursement and almost double for her weekly wage checks. Rose Law also proved that her work injuries were not just to her shoulder, but that the accident also injured her neck which doubled the amount of permanent impairment benefits she was paid.