Vermont Winter Driving Tips

winter driving

All Vermonters know that winter driving can be dangerous. Driving in snow, slush, ice and black ice can lead to car accidents.

Here are 5 Winter Driving Tips to keep you safe on Vermont roads this winter:

1. SLOW DOWN. Slow down whenever there is snow or slush on the road. Watch for ice and drive according to the weather conditions.

2. ALL WHEEL DRIVE COUNTS. All wheel drive and 4WD help maximize traction in snowy and slushy conditions.

3. USE PROPERLY INFLATED WINTER TIRES. Be sure to use properly maintained winter tires so you are slow down and stop safely. Do not forget to be sure the tires are properly inflated.

4. KNOW HOW TO HANDLE A SKID ON ICE. If you do start to skid on ice, do not panic. Take your foot off the gas to slow down. Tap or pump your brakes (do not slam them on) to help you regain traction and slow down. Turn your wheel and look in the direction of the skid.

5. PACK A WINTER WEATHER EMERGENCY KIT. Be prepared in case you get stuck or stranded by packing a bag and leaving it in your car. Include: an ice scraper, first aid kit, a blanket, de-ice, sand or kitty litter, water and snacks. Do not forget to carry your phone and a phone charger.

Winter has arrived so slow down and stay safe on the roads!