Stop Distracted Driving

distracted driving stock photo

Distracted Driving is an epidemic. It has resulted in increased car crash fatalities since 2014 and the upward trend of increased fatalities is likely to continue.

We are tied to our phones. Drivers are constantly making choices while driving to answer calls, text, or use voice activation to send texts or operate music, GPS and/or navigation systems.

Using hands-free modes of operation do not eliminate the risks of distracted driving. Studies show that going from hand-held to hands-free does not eliminate the mental demand on the driver of the car. While we believe we are good multi-taskers, most people cannot do two mentally demanding tasks perfectly at the same time. This means drivers' attention is pulled off driving and onto operating a hands free device which increases the likelihood of car accidents and injuries.

Distracted driving accidents are fully preventable. Using your phone or hand held device is visually distracting and could kill you or another person on the road.