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Vermont Winter Driving Tips To Keep You & Your Passengers Safe On Vermont Roads

All Vermonters know that winter driving can be dangerous. Driving in snow, slush, ice and black ice can lead to car accidents.

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One Thing Humans are Still Better at than Machines: Turning Left

In the Boston Globe last week, Hiawatha Bray wrote a fascinating article detailing one of the toughest programming challenges for self-driving cars: teaching them to turn left safely.

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Stop Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving is an epidemic. It has resulted in increased car crash fatalities since 2014 and the upward trend of increased fatalities is likely to continue.

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Man or machine? Will Vermont soon have robot drivers?

If the machine takes over for human drivers as is being predicted, the numbers of traffic accidents and deaths should drop. Human drivers make frequent mistakes.

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7 Safety Tips to Avoid a Car Crash With New Car Technology

Driver's choices and human error contribute to about 90% of car crashes. The good news is that there is new technology that helps drivers avoid a car crash.