7 Safety Tips to Avoid a Car Crash With New Car Technology

car stock photo

Driver's choices and human error contribute to about 90% of car crashes. The good news is that there is new technology that helps drivers avoid a car crash.

Here are some Advanced Safety Features you should look for to help avoid car crashes:

1. AUTOMATIC EMERGENCY BRAKING. Automatic Emergency Braking senses a potential crash and the car initiates braking for you.

2. FORWARD COLLISION WARNING. This system uses laser, radar, or cameras to assess potential crashes and judge speeds of approaching cars. It alerts the driver with a signal of a potential car crash -- this gives the driver time to react and try to avoid the crash.

3. BLIND SPOT WARNING. Blind spot warning technology warns drivers of cars they cannot see. This technology scans the sides of your car for other cars' presence in your blind spots. It uses a signal to warn you of a danger you can't see.

4. BACKUP CAMERAS. Put your car in reverse and a camera comes up on your console to show you what is behind you. This safety feature will be standard on all vehicles made in 2018 or later.

5. REAR CROSS TRAFFIC ALERT. This system senses traffic that could cross your travel path as you travel in reverse. Some of these systems automatically brake for you to avoid impact.

6. ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONROL. ACC systems automatically adjust vehicle speeds so a driver can maintain a safe following distance while using cruise control.

7. LANE DEPARTURE WARNING. A warning is given to let you know when you drift out of your lane so you can correct it.

These new technologies can help all drivers reduce their chances of an accident. Look for these features in your new car.